Monday, September 15, 2014

White Red Black & searching for tactile colors

Last Saturday I went to visit the exhibition White Red Black at Belvedere Leeuwarden. It is a pre-exhibition on which a large one will follow about the zero movement. This will start in New York and will later travel to Berlin and Amsterdam. 

The exhibition made me think about color. How color and material can form a tactile substance. I found a few works of the Belgian artist Bernard Aubertin interesting. Here, for me, tactility came forewards (I chose to photograph the ones where tactility for me was visible). 

The pictures are not that great. This has mostley to do with the bad framing of the works. The works where coverd with perspex. This made it divicult to look at the works and see them as they are. You where constantley distracted by the reflection of the perspex. 

After seeing the zero exhibition, I went to see the collection of the museum. There I followed my growing interest for color and tactility. It is not the images themselves I enjoyed so much, but the use of color. 


The works of Willem van Althuis got my attention: